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Shannon Rosales

Hair & Make Up Artist, International Model Director

With 16 years experience of mastering the art of sexy, Shannon Rosales will bring out your most fabulous self. "I aspire to create beauty all around me, to make people FEEL beautiful inside & out. Whether it be through my words or my actions, I wish for people to FEEL loved and beautiful in my presence. I wish to capture that beauty, that love, and create something "timeless". Shannon designs innovative hair styles with a perfect blend of modern and vintage that spells sex appeal, and intricately sculpts and paints with make-up to create the ultimate sultry look that best fits your personality. Having always had an artistic "eye", she takes what you bring to the table and combines it with her arsenal to mold you into the most beautiful goddess you can be. Working with her is both enjoyable and relaxing. After your session with Shannon, you will leave feeling elevated from your previous state. She always brings out the best in others.
After Meeting Shannon Rosales for the first time Rob Sims knew she was the Make-up artist for what he needed. Watching Shannon putting Make-up on his Model of the Year MS Katerina Schload was like watching A world famous painter or a Sculptor Sculp. Know Shannon was also a budding photographer helped also as she was interested in lighting and angels and composition
Today Shannon Rosales and Rob Sims Photography have worked together for many years and Shannon has made-up hundreds of Models to get in front of Robs Len. Shannon also does make up for the top fashion shows and magazine photographic shoots that come to Salt Lake City while Rob in back home in Santa Barbara
International Model Director

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