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400 Magazine Covers, 40,000 Tears Sheets and over 20,000 fitness competitors photographed in 25 years !!!

Just A few of the famous faces that MR. Rob Sims has photographed

"Lisa Raye," "Coolio," "Torrie Wilson", "David Bowie," "Whitney Houston", "Haley Berry," "Willen Dafoe", " Brooke Burke," "Bobby Brown", "Denise Richards," "Gena Lee Nolin", "T’ Keyah," "Janet Leigh"," Tom Hanks," "Dani De", " Christopher Reeves," "George Foreman", "Andy Summers," "Christopher Darden," "Jerry Rice", "Dennis Hooper," "Joan Collins", "Van Dam," "David Duchovny", "Elise Neal," "Gillian Anderson", "Forest Whitaker," "Denis Franz", "Jackie Kim," "Vince Vaughn"," Brooke Burns," "Nancy Odell", all the "Bay Watch Actors", "Tommy Lee Jones"," Chris Potter," "Antony Head"," Leah Lail," "Christopher Crowe"," Shaka Khan," "Natalie Raitano"," Julie Brown," "Anne Heche"," Robin Williams," "Blake Foster"," Paula Tricky, " "Pamela Anderson"," Geena Lee Green," "Jada Picket"," Caroline Largerfelt," "Angelica Bridges"," Kelly Emberg," "Vicki Pratt","David Haslehoff," "Harrison Ford"," Kari Wuhrer, " "Scott Glen"," Johnny Cohen," "Rick Yune"," Rebbie Jackson," "Patrick Warburton","Yasmine Bleeth," "Gabriel Union","Gregory Hines," "Traci Bingham", To name just to name a few......

Rob Sims Photography Studios Photographs around 26 covers & 2,000 pages a year, for most of the top magazines around the world! In addition to his own magazines "FitModels Int’l" and "FitBody" a list of magazines that Mr.Rob Sims been published in are:

"MuscleMag", "American Curves", "InStyle", "The Sun", "In Touch", "American Health And Fitness", "Entertainment weekly", "Self", "Shape", "PowerHouse", "Reps", "Shape", "Planet Muscle", "Muscle And Fitness Hers", "Allure", "Shape", "Flex", "Ebony", "Today’s Black Man", "Today’s Black Woman", "Today’s Black Mans Swimsuit issue", "Newsweek", "Time", "Loaded", "F.H.M", "Women’s Health", "Teen", "The Star" "Details", "Fitbeauties", "Hair", "Los Angeles", "US weekly", "OK", "Natural Woman", "Hot Diva Stars", "Black Hair", "Glamour", "Fighting Females", " Q", "Modern Drummer", "American Fitness", "FreeStyle", "The Best of Maxim", "The World’s 50 Most Eligible Women FHM", "The Sport", "Gym", "Cable Guide”, "Cigar Smoker", "TV Guide”,"Cigar Aficionado", " Maxim/Blender Combo", "Teen", "Women’s Health", "Razor", "Neue Revue", "Jane", "21 magazine", "Ironman", "People", " Men’s Health", "WWE Wrestling", "TopPair", "Women’s Fitness", "Hello", "Sheer", "fitness", "Natural Body Building", "Muscle And Fitness", "Maxim", "Oxygen", "FitModels", "FitBody", etc., etc.

Rob Sims Photography Rob Sims Photos, Rob Sims Photography, Rob Sims, Rob Sims Studios, Rob Sims Photography Studios

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