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Attention Fitness models:

Start making a change in your career now! It takes Two years to make it in the fitness industry if you do it right. I am looking for the new freshest faces in Fitness the world has to offer! Rob Sims (World Class Fitness Photographer) is now accepting new fitness models to photograph, teach and build there names. Is this your Dream? Is this your heart's desire? How can you get anywhere if no one sees you? If you have what it takes, Rob Sims, World Class Fitness Photographer with over 25 years experience, is capable of boosting your career to new heights in only two years. Rob responsible for the careers of countless models, and can do the same for you because advertising is the KEY to your SUCCESS. Pamela Anderson, Traci Bingham, and Torrie Wilson, Karina Nascimento, Katerina Schload, Mary Schmitt are just a few that Rob Sims has worked with before their careers truly launched. How many photographers have promised you the World, and can't even get published themselves? This is an amazing opportunity to shoot with one of the most published photographers in the World today!

***It takes two years to make a career in the fitness industry***

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About The Shoot:

1) Rob Sims Photography has photography over 400 magazine covers.
2) Rob is published in over 40,000 tear sheets and has averaged at least 20 covers every year.
3) Rob's work is in the Top 20 Fitness and Men's magazines and part of 150 TV shows.
4) He also owns both "FitBody Magazine" and "FitModel International Magazine".
5) Rob Sims can get you sponsored by nutrition companies.
6) Rob Sims can get you exposure to over 50 video production companies, TV stations, legitimate producers, commercial and Nutrition companies
7) If you attend the Arnold or Olympia Expos, Rob can personally introduce you to all of the important magazine publishers, as well

If you work with Rob Sims, you will not only get the opportunity to shoot with the World's most published fitness photographer, but you will also gain education and experience to up your game in the industry. Rob sits down with you to discuss your current career and where you want to go. He will critique your current portfolio. He is frank and will let you know how it is and what needs to be done. You will receive every image Rob takes of you from your shoot to critique yourself and add to your portfolio, plus you will receive HD video footage from your shoot with Rob. It's an HD Era!! Having an HD reel in your packaging is CRITICAL to your SUCCESS as a model since every genre of media is going HD. You will have the opportunity to receive some facetime to verbally introduce yourself and what you'd like to share with the world to advertise yourself as a model. If you are serious about pursuing your career as a model, and you want to make something of yourself in this industry, contact Rob today, at 310-926-7454

Call Rob Sims immediately and listen to his advise and see if what he tells you makes sense, he will change your career! (310)-926-7454

Every body needs to learn the business why lession to others who have not made it themselves when Rob Sims makes this his career.

Rob Sims Photography owns both “FitBody Magazine” and “FitModels International Magazine” he is not only a sucessful photographer but a publisher and a guru at marketing.
Rob Sims Photography
In addition to owning two magazines, Rob Sims photography has been published magazines like Maxim, Stuff
FHM, BlackMen's, American Curves, Oxygen, Flex and Women's Fitness, News Week, Muscle and fitness, Planet Muscle, American Health and Fitness, MuscleMag and hundreds more.

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