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Seminar Booking -

You will learn how to
become a working professionals.  You’ll be privilege to the best of the best in the business of model
photography!  For aspiring models, this is a must attend event.  For aspiring photographers,
you’ll learn what separates good photos from published photos!   If you are serious about not only making
money at your craft, but also being the best, you should come and learn from the best!

Your competition comes to me, if you're smart you will come too!

Rob Sims photos

Look Photo Session

Models!!! The Fitness Models Shoot is offering seminars to aspiring and seasoned models on
the successful techniques necessary to make a career out of modeling. Swimsuit, fitness,
glamour and lingerie modeling will be the main forms of modeling covered in this seminar.

This seminar will cover everything from makeup, how to pick an outfit, poses, when you
need a portfolio, what should be in your portfolio and all the techniques used by the successful
models to land jobs in magazines. You’ll get tips from Rob Sims and a
swimsuit/fitness model on everything you ever wanted to know about this business and how
to be successful. Find out WHY shooting with your local photographer hasn't gotten you anywhere
and what to look for when you do decide to pick a photographer.

You’ll come away with invaluable information to launch or lengthen your career!!!

Rob Sims photos

Photography Seminar
Photographers!!!! This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.  If you want to improve
you’re skills, improve your portfolio, learn how to pick the right model for your portfolio,
understand technique, equipment, lenses to use, lighting and anything you’ve ever wondered
about on how to be a successful photographer (or look like one), this is the event you can’t miss.

Rob Sims, photographer for Newsweek, Ebony, Maxim, Stuff, FHM, Loaded, American Curves,
Flex, Oxygen, Women’s Fitness, Muscle Magi, Fit Models International, Fit Beauties,
Black Mens Magazine and over forty other publications, will be on hand to offer portfolio
critiques and knowledge on what it takes to be successful in the photography business.

Rob has photographed and published hundreds of celebrities for covers of magazines including,
Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Pamela Anderson, Jada Pinkett-Smith,
Whitney Houston, Elise Neal and too many more to name them all here. Rob Sims is considered
to be the most published model/celebrity photographer alive and he will be in Salt Lake to share
his experience and knowledge with willing photographers.

Even if you just want to improve your skills, this seminar is a must. 
Level I: This is a beginning and novice level seminar that highlights technique and
addresses many of the pitfalls that new and novice photographers experience when
attempting to get started in this business and are trying to improve their skills.

Materials will be provided.

Level II: This is an advanced seminar for photographers who want to take
their skills up a notch to be on par with published photographers across the world.
Everything you need to know and tricks of the trade will be provided in this seminar.

Book today for these seminars if you’re serious about your craft.
Photographer Seminar

Rob Sims Photos


All In Seminar:

This seminar will address typical questions that models and photographers have
concerning this business, how to get published, how to get started and anything thing
else you can think of.  All types of questions will be addressed and answered.
This will be an open forum discussion on the model business form the model to
photographer ends of the business.

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